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What do we do exactually? We love to customize fish & Chip!

Here’s how we do it…

Us: Bombed, aren’t you?

You: can you really custom make something as redundant as fish & chip?

Us: well, that truly depends on what you are looking out for?

You: hmmm… I have a food stall, and I can probably just add Fish & chip, as a side dish. Maybe it can attract few
kiddos, what can you give me?

Us: Ok Cool! We will give you a small box of crispy Fish & Chip very day!

You: Nah! That’s way too much… You can take my order for Sundays only

Us: I think we can do more than that.

You: No, that’s all I want

…2 weeks later….

You: Can you give me more fish and chips?

Us: yes, is everyday ok?

You: no, make it just thrice a week

…2 weeks later…

You: it is helping us pick up sale; people love the fish & chips! We can go for it everyday

Us: you want more variations? We have couple of more interesting recipes for Fish & Chips

You: No, that will kill my main business!

Us: ok

…2 weeks later…

You: People like fish & chips, they want more options, I’m confused how to go about it?

Us: let’s do a small research; can we visit your stall?

You: hmm.. yeahh maybe

..Post research..

Us: You need to have 5 variants at least- a spicy option, a cheesy option, a roasted fish & baked chips, an Indian
version and a low cost Chinese mini meal option

You: ahh! That’s turning around the whole menu & business model, I used to sell tortillas

Us: Well you can still sell tortillas, wrap them around your fish & chip- and let’s create a brand new dish!

Fish & Chips as online business solutions; You consider it a side dish; We call it our staple; Your hesitance is
previous bad experience; The variation is the customization we offer…

Whatever your story maybe, but fish & chip has the potential to make your business go places!

And moreover, we are not just a bunch of incumbent technocrats developing fanciful websites. We work up like
creative business martins- driven by passion for design; brutal towards competition; honest in our feedback;
committed to time lines; and just crazy enough to be called creative geniuses!